Trainee IAS Officer Puja Khedkar's WhatsApp Chats: Demands for Cabin and Car

Preliminary investigation report includes three screenshots of these chats, showing Khedkar asking questions about vehicle, seating arrangement.
Trainee IAS Officer Puja Khedkar
Trainee IAS Officer Puja Khedkar

Pune: Trainee IAS officer Puja Khedkar, who has been implicated in a fake certificate scam related to the UPSC examination, finds herself in further controversy as her WhatsApp chats have surfaced.

These messages reveal her demanding a senior cabin, a car, and additional staff, requests deemed inappropriate for someone on probation. The Maharashtra government has recently transferred her to Washim amidst the allegations.

This development adds another layer to the ongoing scrutiny of Khedkar's actions, raising questions about the appropriateness of her demands and the overall conduct expected from trainee IAS officers.

Messages sent by Khedkar to the Pune District Collectorate before her posting include requests for various facilities. The preliminary investigation report, which includes three screenshots of these chats, shows Khedkar asking questions about vehicle and seating arrangements.

In her initial message, Khedkar introduced herself, stating her appointment as the Assistant District Collector in Pune and inquiring about pending documents from the Buldhana District Collector's office.

She requested updates on her office and government vehicle, to which the response was, "The Collector will discuss this with the government on Monday."

Subsequent messages from Khedkar show her persisting in her inquiries, asking for updates about her house, travel, and cabin arrangements, expressing frustration over the lack of response.

She emphasized the importance of having everything ready before her joining date on June 3rd, highlighting her need to plan ahead.

The Prime Minister's Office has taken notice of the situation, requesting a detailed report from the Pune District Collector. Additionally, the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) has sought a report from the state government concerning Khedkar's conduct.

Puja Khedkar has also allegedly used a fake disability certificate to clear the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam and secure her government job.

It has been reported that Puja Khedkar presented a certificate indicating a vision impairment to clear the UPSC exam. The selection committee of the commission summoned her for medical examinations at Delhi's AIIMS hospital six times, but she repeatedly avoided these tests.

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