Two Police Officers Dismissed for Aiding Drug Trafficker Lalit Patil Escape

The dismissed officers, found guilty of assisting Lalit Patil escape, are identified as Police Constables Aadesh Shivankar and Pirappa Bansode.
Lalit Patil, Drug Trafficker
Lalit Patil, Drug Trafficker@Copavinash

Pune: In a significant move by Pune Police, two officers have been dismissed for their involvement in the escape of drug trafficker Lalit Patil. Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar issued the dismissal orders following a thorough investigation that revealed their culpability.

This case involves several employees from Sassoon Hospital and police personnel, with a total of 15 individuals being charged. The crime branch has submitted a detailed 3,150-page charge sheet to the court.

The dismissed officers are identified as Police Constables Aadesh Shivankar and Pirappa Bansode. They were found guilty of assisting Lalit Patil in his escape and have been removed from government service.

Lalit Patil had managed to flee from Sassoon Hospital where he was taken for medical treatment. His escape caused a major stir within the police department, leading to an extensive investigation.

The investigation revealed that Patil was taken to the hospital for an X-ray but managed to escape. Crucially, the information about his escape was delayed by three hours before reaching the control room.

Further inquiry showed that Constables Shivankar and Bansode did not accompany Patil for the X-ray, which was a critical lapse in duty. Additionally, their failure to promptly inform the control room allowed Patil the opportunity to escape.

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