UGC Warns Higher Education Institutions to Conduct Timely Exams

Some higher education institutions have delayed exams and issuance of final certificates. UGC mandated institutions to adhere to academic calendar.
University Grants Commission
University Grants Commission

Pune: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a stern warning to higher education institutions that fail to conduct exams on time and delay issuing certificates to students.

The UGC has mandated that institutions adhere to the academic calendar and provide certificates promptly, with potential actions outlined for non-compliance.

UGC Secretary Prof. Manish Joshi released a circular highlighting this directive. According to the University Grants Commission (Grant of Degrees and other Awards by Universities) Regulations 2008, universities are required to award degrees within 180 days from the date a student is deemed eligible or expected to be eligible.

Furthermore, the 2012 guidelines on student rights mandate that exams should be conducted, and results announced as per the academic calendar specified in the institution's information booklet. Students are entitled to receive their degrees within 180 days of result announcement.

However, some higher education institutions have been found to delay exams and the issuance of final certificates. These delays negatively impact students by causing them to miss out on opportunities and preventing them from securing suitable and quality employment. It also affects their further educational prospects.

In light of these issues, the UGC has directed exam administrations in higher education institutions to comply with the regulations and guidelines by conducting exams and awarding degrees on time. The UGC has made it clear that it holds the authority to take action against institutions that violate these directives.

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