Vetal Tekdi: Four Detained for Riding Vehicles on Hill, Disturbing Wildlife

If anyone witnesses such activities, they should contact the Forest Department at 1926 or 7478789797, urged Forest Range Officer Pradeep Sankpal
Vetal Tekdi Panchavati Pune
Vetal Tekdi Panchavati Pune

Pune: Vetal Tekdi (Hill) has frequently seen young riders bringing their motorcycles onto the premises, creating noise that disturbs wildlife and visitors. This issue intensifies on weekends.

The Forest Department has now decided to take strict action against those riding motorcycles on the hill. On Sunday (July 7), four individuals were detained, and action will be taken against them under forest laws.

Riding motorcycles on Vetal Hill is prohibited as the area falls under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department. However, some youths continue to enter the forested area with their bikes, causing disturbances.

Moving forward, the Forest Department will enforce strict measures against such activities and has provided a special helpline number for citizens to report these incidents.

Forest Range Officer Pradeep Sankpal urges the public to be vigilant and report any such activities using the helpline number.

On Sunday evening, at around 7:15 PM, forest officials patrolling Vetal Hill noticed some youths riding motorcycles. The officials immediately detained the individuals, who were found causing a disturbance and honking loudly. The five detained individuals are college students.

The detainees were questioned under the Indian Forest Act of 1927. This action was conducted under the guidance of Deputy Conservator of Forests Mahadev Mohite, Assistant Conservator of Forests Deepak Pawar, Forest Range Officer Pradeep Sankpal, Forest Guards Krishna Hakke, Dayanand Pantawad, and Dhanaji Salunkhe.

Residents are advised to avoid riding motorcycles on Vetal Hill and refrain from entering the water-filled quarries, as these areas pose life-threatening risks.

If anyone witnesses such activities, they should contact the Forest Department at 1926 or 7478789797, as urged by Forest Range Officer Pradeep Sankpal.

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