Vijay Shivtare entertains students with childhood anecdotes

Shivtare confessed "In fourth grade, I used to smoke beedis (traditional Indian cigarettes). Smoking them made me dizzy, and I would often fall down."
Vijay Shivtare
Vijay Shivtare

Pune: Shiv Sena leader Vijay Shivtare, attended a felicitation ceremony for meritorious students at the Acharya Atre auditorium in Saswad. The event took an unexpected turn when Shivtare regaled the audience with humorous and candid stories from his childhood, leaving the students thoroughly entertained.

"I was very mischievous as a child," Shivtare confessed. "In the fourth grade, I used to smoke beedis (traditional Indian cigarettes). Smoking them made me dizzy, and I would often fall down."

He continued to recount his rebellious youth, saying, "I used to herd cattle and steal money from my mother's bag to buy beedis. Despite my antics, I was smart in school and often topped my class."

Shivtare's bold admissions raised many eyebrows at the ceremony. His frankness about his past was surprising, particularly when he declared, "No one would believe that I smoked beedis in the fourth grade, but it's true. I was rebellious yet intelligent in my studies."

Shivtare's candid and colorful recounting of his past added a unique touch to the felicitation ceremony, providing an engaging and memorable experience for the students and attendees.

Vijay Shivtare's remarks were not limited to his childhood. Reflecting on his political career, he mentioned the Lok Sabha elections, where he had caused quite a stir.

Shivtare had announced his candidacy to contest the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency elections, vowing to defeat Ajit Pawar's candidate. Although he later withdrew for undisclosed reasons, he asserted, "If I had contested the Baramati Lok Sabha elections, I would have defeated both and emerged victorious."

The Baramati Lok Sabha elections ultimately saw a contest between Supriya Sule of the Nationalist Congress Party (Sharadchandra Pawar) and Sunetra Pawar of the Nationalist Congress Party. Supriya Sule emerged victorious, defeating Sunetra Pawar.

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