Vishal Agarwal Bail: Police fear that father-son duo may flee country

The Agarwal father-son duo had allegedly attempted to coerce their car driver to take blame for their minor family member involved in accident.
Pune Porsche Accident Case
Pune Porsche Accident Case

Pune: In the Kalyani Nagar accident case, Pune Police and public prosecutors have opposed the bail plea of Surendrakumar Brahmdatta Agarwal (77) and his son Vishal Surendrakumar Agarwal (50), citing concerns that they might pressure witnesses, tamper with evidence, or flee the country.

The father-son duo allegedly attempted to coerce the driver to take the blame for a minor involved in the accident, and there are ten more witnesses, some of whom work for the accused.

The Agarwals, currently in judicial custody, are accused of kidnapping the driver, seizing his mobile phone, and threatening him to take responsibility for the crime committed by the minor.

The driver's clothes were recovered from the accused's bungalow, and CCTV footage shows tampering by the accused. The police argued that if granted bail, the Agarwals might tamper with evidence again.

They also allegedly attempted to alter the minor's blood samples to destroy evidence. The investigation officer, Pratap Mankar, and public prosecutor Yogesh Kadam, argued against the bail.

Advocate Prashant Patil represented the defense, and the court has heard arguments from both sides. A decision on the bail plea is expected on Monday.

Hearing on Dr. Taware's Bail Plea on July 1

Dr. Ajay Taware, head of the forensic department at Sassoon Hospital, has also filed a bail application in the special court, following accusations of tampering with blood samples to destroy evidence after the Kalyani Nagar accident.

The Pune police have opposed his bail. The hearing on Dr. Taware's bail plea is scheduled for July 1 in the court of Special Judge U.M. Mudholkar.

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