Waterlogging Woes: Lack of Stormwater Drains on Alternative Route to Sinhagad Road

The road sees waterlogging at six to seven points, causing significant inconvenience to motorists.
Representational Pic
Representational Pic

Pune: In an effort to ease traffic congestion on Sinhagad Road, the municipal corporation has constructed a cement road from Fun Time to the rear of P. L. Deshpande Garden, using the canal space belonging to the Irrigation Department. The project, costing more than ₹3 crore, however, lacks proper drainage for rainwater.

During the monsoon, the road sees waterlogging at six to seven points, causing significant inconvenience to motorists. Vehicles often stall and suffer damage, prompting residents to demand immediate action from the municipal corporation to address the drainage issue.

Sinhagad Road has seen substantial urbanization and population growth in recent years. The lack of an alternative route has led to severe traffic jams. Recognizing this, the municipal corporation developed a road along the canal from P. L. Deshpande Garden to Fun Time. Despite the significant investment, the project did not include any stormwater drains, as the land belongs to the Irrigation Department.

This new road, made of cement and bordered by cement curbs, is prone to severe waterlogging during heavy rains. The water accumulates, reaching up to two to three feet in depth, leading to vehicle breakdowns and accidents. Additionally, sediment buildup in the standing water causes two-wheelers to slip, resulting in dangerous accidents.

Residents are urging the municipal administration to implement urgent measures for proper drainage to prevent further issues and ensure safety on this new road.

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