Woman Suspect Escapes from Hadapsar Police Station, Constable Suspended

Suspect Dhurapata Bhosale was arrested on July 2 for stealing jewelry from female devotees attending Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi procession.
Maharashtra Police
Maharashtra PoliceSakal Media Group

Pune: A woman suspect, arrested for stealing jewelry from female devotees during the Palkhi procession, has escaped from Hadapsar Police Station.

As a result, female constable Tarabai Ganpat Khandekar has been suspended. This is second incident within 15 days of a suspect escaping police custody from Hadapsar Police Station.

Dhurapata Ashok Bhosale (31, resident of Takali, Silod, Nanded) was arrested on Tuesday, July 2, for stealing jewelry from female devotees attending the Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi procession.

On Wednesday, July 3, Bhosale managed to escape by evading police supervision. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 5) R. Raja has decided to suspend constable Tarabai Ganpat Khandekar for dereliction of duty and negligence in this matter.

The suspect, Dhurapata Bhosale, was caught red-handed while stealing jewelry and was brought to Hadapsar Police Station. The responsibility of her security was assigned to constable Khandekar.

However, while Khandekar was attending to other tasks, the suspect managed to escape from the police station. Despite extensive searches and CCTV footage reviews, Bhosale could not be located.

The failure to properly secure the arrested suspect led to charges of irresponsibility and negligence against constable Khandekar. The incident has tarnished the image of the police force, leading to Khandekar's suspension from government service, as stated in the official suspension order.

In June 2024, a theft suspect had managed to escape from custody at Hadapsar Police Station, prompting an extensive search operation by the police. The suspect, identified as Govind alias Pintya Ghodke, was in police lockup for a theft case.

The incident occurred when Ghodke was taken out of the lockup to have his fingerprints taken. Seizing the opportunity during a moment of police inattention, Ghodke fled the premises. Police had immediately set up checkpoints and collected CCTV footage from the vicinity. Ghodke was apprehended within 24 hours.

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