Will Puducherry elections be deferred?

Ahead of the allegations made on BJP, The Madras High Court questions if the Puducherry Assembly Elections would be deferred?
Puducherry Assembly Elections 2021
Puducherry Assembly Elections 2021Image: The Bridge Chronicle

After allegations on BJP for having wrongfully used voters' data for campaigning purposes, the Madaras High Court enquired if the elections in Puducherry could be deferred. According to the allegations, BJP had used voters' details such as Aadhaar details, phone numbers etc.

Hoping for an investigation by the poll body into the matter, the court asked, "Why can't the Puducherry polls be deferred?" The court has now directed the file a full report by March 30.

According to the plea filed before the court, BJP had accessed voters' Aadhaar card details such as phone numbers, to send WhatsApp messages and invites to groups. BJP is currently contesting elections in alliance with NR Congress in the union territory and has been predicted to win with a massive majority according to a polling agency.

The plea was filed by DYFI (Democratic Youth Federation of India) leader A Anand. According to his report, he has received a WhatsApp message from BJP. His investigation into the same led him to the formation of such groups at each of the 950 booths. In response to the allegation, BJP has announced that it will file a response via its legal team in court.

"This is stealing of personal information... misusing seat of power. This is cyber-terrorism. They call us and ask to vote BJP. With Google Pay and Paytm connected to Aadhaar, they could bribe voters through easy cash transfers," he told a news organisation.

In the first hearing that was held on Wednesday, the Madras court cited this as "a matter of serious concern." The court said that the poll should not keep "passing the buck" urged the court to treat the matter with seriousness.

A two-member bench - of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy was quoted saying, "It will not do for the Election Commission to pass the buck in this case and say that the cyber crimes division is conducting an investigation. When the Election Commission is up and about in all other matters and asserts its primacy and authority, it has to look into this allegation immediately and with the degree of seriousness that it deserves."

This allegation comes after last month the V Narayanasamy-led Congress government collapsed. This happened as a result of six MLAs resigning from the post. This incident followed a lot of roars even after V Narayanasamy's name was missing from the candidate list. after six MLAs resigned. Following this two of the MLAs joined BJP. Currently Puducherry is under PResident's Rule.

Despite the fact that BJP doesn't have a strong hold in the UT, its alliance with NR Congress has helped contest the elections with nine out of 30 seats. According to a polling agency, this alliance would take 21 out of the 30 seats.

Puducherry is scheduled to go to polls on 6th April, 2021 until 2nd May, 2021 when the results will be announced.

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