DCF Ventures’ Health and Wellness start-up zone a huge success

DCF Ventures’ Health and Wellness start-up zone a huge success

PUNE: DCF Ventures launched a call for Health and Wellness Start-ups from the nation to allow start-ups in this sector to reach out to more than 20,000 fitness enthusiasts by creating the Make Yourself Fit Again (MYFA) Start-up Zone at the Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon 2019 at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Krida Sankul Balewadi on December 22.

Out of more than 200 applicants that applied to be part of this Start-up Zone, the top six winners were given prizes in the form of stalls specially curated at the MYFA Start-up Zone. The selected start-ups for the MYFA Start-up Zone were given free space at the finish line of the Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon 2019. 

The applicants ranged from companies founded by IIT alumni that invented digital stethoscope to portable ECG monitors that can transform the lives of many heart patients requiring regular monitoring of their heart condition from the comfort of their own homes. The selected start-ups for the DCF Ventures MFYA Startup Zone were: 

1. OnTheRun, which makes food products for the fitness conscious that are 100% natural, clean label, free from any preservatives, are made from thoughtful ingredients and are nutritious.
2. FitHulk, a subscription-based food solution provider company that makes healthy eating fun, life more productive and workplace awesome.
3. Nuimance Phytovigyan, a start-up that has developed an adjuvant (complementary medicine)/ tablet which is pre-clinically validated, AYUSH FDA certified and will be potentially used for coping with the side effects of chemotherapy
4. HealthOnWay (Previously MedsOnWay), a complete chronic disease and health management platform.
5. Sushrut Design, a start-up with a patented technology product to avoid blood stagnation in the feet of people in sedentary situations like offices, buses, long-haul flights and admitted in hospitals. The objective of this initiative was to create an opportunity and support start-ups that are coming out with innovative products to enhance the health and wellness of the citizens of India an opportunity to interact and reach their target market.

Prem Pandey, Founder, Nuimance Phytovigyan said, “We are thankful to DCF Ventures’ MYFA Start-up Zone for giving us the chance to meet and interact with so many fitness enthusiasts under one roof. We have had a great response to our products and we look forward to being a part of this initiative again next year.”

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