‘4.13 lakh flood-hit people evacuated in Pune division’

‘4.13 lakh flood-hit people evacuated in Pune division’

PUNE : A total of 4.13 lakh of flood-hit people have been evacuated in Pune division, said Divisional Commissioner Deepak Mhaisekar. He was speaking to media at a press conference held on Saturday. He also said that the death toll in Pune division have increased to 30, while 10 are missing.

As per the data provided by the Divisional Commissioner’s office, the total number of people rescued in Kolhapur is 2.33 lakh while in Sangli, it is 1.43 lakh. The total number of people evacuated in Satara is 10,031 while in Solapur, it is around 26,962. The total number of dead cattle in Pune division is around 10,681 and the estimated loss is around Rs 17.95 lakh.

“The water levels in Kolhapur and Sangli are decreasing but are still above danger levels. However, floodwater in Sangli is receding at a faster rate than Kolhapur. Since Saturday morning, the water level in Kolhapur has reduced by 3 inches while in Sangli, it has reduced by 10 inches,” said Mhaisekar.

He further said, “We are hopeful that the situation in both the cities will be better by Sunday evening.”

Mhaisekar said that facilities such as mobile toilets or temporary toilets were provided to the flood-affected areas. He said, “We have sent around 18 mobile toilets to Sangli and we are also in touch with the same agency that provided temporary toilets during Pandharpur Yatra. In case of drainage being choked, we will provide temporary toilets to flood affected area so that people do not need to defecate in open.”

Officials are now hoping that it doesn’t rain heavily in the next 72 hours in Kolhapur and Sangli districts to allow water levels to recede completely.

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