‘Apply cow dung on car, to keep heat far away’

‘Apply cow dung on car, to keep heat far away’

Pune: The idea of applying cow dung on cars to keep it cool this summer seems to be catching the fancy of many Indians. Recently, on social media, Ahmedabad’s Sejal Shah’s photo with her cow dung covered car went viral. On Sunday, we spotted Dr Navnath Dudhal, a Karve Road resident and a senior doctor at Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai driving his XUV 500 which was coated with cow dung. 

He claims that it keeps his car cool in the scorching Pune heat and helps in preventing pollution as air conditioner is not used much. 

Dudhal told Sakal Times, “Three coats of cow dung have been applied over the car and it stays on the car for a month. Sun radiations do not harm the car’s roof directly therefore, the temperature inside the car is 5-7 degree Celsius less than the outside temperature.”

Traditionally, cow dung coating is used to cover mud houses in Indian villages for keeping it cool in the summer. However, coating a car, as bizarre as it may sound, is a new trend.
“The cow dung is removed by water and rubbing it with a cotton cloth. Cow dung stains do not stick to the car’s body and neither the car paint is affected. For some time, the smell of cow dung is felt inside the car, but after a while, no smell remains inside the car.” Dudhal added.  Dudhal claims to have stumbled upon this idea as he regularly studies cow urine’s benefit for cancer patients.
However, Founder President of Biospheres, an organisation working with the mission of conserving biodiversity, Sachin Punekar, said, “There is no such research on whether car coated by cow dung repels heat. One needs to assess it properly and then go further with the method. I do not understand the idea of coating car with cow dung, because once the metal is exposed to sunlight, it will heat up.”

“But if this is method really works, then the scientist and researcher should work on it. We can adopt new technology by doing so.” Punekar added.

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