‘Cybage’s focus is on how we can add value to a customer’s business’

‘Cybage’s focus is on how we can add value to a customer’s business’

Q. Cybage has been catering to global clients for more than two decades and has emerged a leading digital transformation partner for businesses. How has the journey been so far and what makes Cybage different from other businesses? 
Cybage’s journey has been fantastic because the growth we have achieved so far has been completely organic. The focus is on how can we add value to a customer’s business. Our attractiveness is captured by a three-pronged value proposition of execution excellence, software at the centre and engaging the future. Our world-class deliveries are underpinned by DecisionMines, Cybage’s prescriptive analytics platform which addresses key areas of our operations. The lead that Cybage has taken in harnessing rich analytics to create one of the most advanced operational engines, was central to the value we represent to our customers. Our belief is that software is at the heart of business problem-solving and as companies strive to create a product engineering-based operating culture, they are turning to Cybage 
for assistance.
Engaging the future portrays the thought leadership that Cybage delivers. As a leading technology company, we interpret technological change to create meaningful value for our customers.

Q) Cybage is expanding in Pune and Gandhinagar which implies a further expansion in market reach, customer segment and employment generation. Please comment.
Our expansion was a testimonial to our organic growth. Our recent expansion in Pune, a 700-seater facility at Eon IT Park, will be Cybage’s third development centre in Pune catering exclusively to the growing talent pool. Scaling up its operations in Gujarat, Cybage has acquired additional 300-seater space in India’s first International Financial Services Centre, the Gujarat International Finance 
Tec-City (GIFT City).

Q) The fourth industrial revolution is marked by emerging technology breakthroughs in several fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. How have these technological advancements impacted the IT industry and the company?
Digital transformation is not the buzzword today. It is being accepted and implemented in a rapid order across organizations. Industrial revolution will help tech-enabled enterprises with fulfilling customer demands faster, providing new offerings in the market segment, creating new revenue streams and optimizing operations. The key technology advancements like machine learning, IoT and robotics have become a fundamental ecosystem of running a business for improved customer experience and operational efficiencies and in turn, it will create better revenue streams. Data is the new oil and all technologies are in the realm producing and analysing data for decision making. That said, new technologies are rapidly changing and one needs adequate due diligence 
before using it.

Q) What do you think is the future of the Indian IT sector?
The Indian IT sector has been evolving to cater to the emerging demands of the market place. We are in the middle of a digital revolution that will impact both operations and strategic fundamentals of most businesses. The companies that are going to be able to make the shift in their business models and offerings, will thrive. We are optimistic that the Indian IT sector will continue to  remain relevant.

Q) How does Cybage focus on employee connect and work for brand building? What are the special provisions for women?
Cybage believes in creating a transparent, capability-driven and fair ecosystem in the workplace. Creating such an ecosystem requires a data-driven, systems-first approach. Cybage invests on building an inclusive work culture which inspires employees to take delight in their work and function to their best. 
About the provisions for women, Cybage has a strong commitment towards the women employees. Our engineering force boasts of a 32 per cent representation of women, a number that has consistently increased year-on-year. We are cautious about the well-being of our women employees. We conduct sessions on creating awareness about women’s safety, health, hygiene and equal rights. In addition, Cybage offers benefits such as close-by daycare facilities, flexible maternity leave policies, late-night transport services and additional shadow resources to women employees. We also have a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy in place with a special committee to ensure its enforcement.

Q) What are the future plans for Cybage?
Cybage is positive about the next phase of growth and plans to continue its focus on consulting-led solutions, transformational technologies, service delivery and customer relationship management. While we continue with our excellence in the product engineering space, we continue to improve and optimise our digital solutions offerings.
From a development centre standpoint, we look forward to expand further in India, Northern America and Canada while from a sales operation viewpoint, we continue to strengthen our presence in Northern and Northwestern Europe, United States of America, and APAC regions. We also enthusiastically look forward to expanding our footprints in our near-shore centre in Toronto.

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