‘Glossaread’, digital space for SPPU students launched

‘Glossaread’, digital space for SPPU students launched

Pune: “What is the most painful part for a college/university student? Well, it is to take out numerous photocopies of notes taken down from the professors in the class besides spending almost Rs 4,000 to 5,000 per semester. But now, the task can be done with ease and in less amount with the help from ‘Glossaread’, a digital space for students. 

“We want to provide the students with more information in one fourth price,” says Glossaread Founder Chandranbhanu Pattajoshi.

Glossaread is a digital space where students can easily find all notes, modal papers, multiple choice questions and related copies of their course structure, provided by their professors, on a single window. For the first time in Maharashtra, Glossaread has launched its website with course structure of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). Its website was launched on Wednesday. Initially, they have launched two courses, computer engineering and information technology (IT) and the first month will have a free subscription. “Our purpose is to make higher education affordable and convenient for students. Students spend a lot of time and money in taking photocopies of the notes given in the class. We have approached the professors of different courses and have facilitated the notes these professors prepare exclusively for students. This will reduce the hassle of students running around of taking photocopies or taking down notes in the last minute for exam preparation. Instead, students can just subscribe to this app or website available on social media as well to read the notes,” said Pattajoshi.

Speaking about the website more, Co-founder Shuhaid Lambe stated that unlike other digital platforms, where videos and course material of all general subjects are available for free, this educational website provides course material of only a particular university based syllabus. 

While professors are fighting with salary issues and recognition outside, this website promises to be a platform for a source of income. “The website will act as a platform for several students, who are unable to reach the best of teachers on the university campus. Moreover, professors refer to several books for preparing one powerpoint presentation, which is not available for students otherwise. We have convinced professors to upload these presentations with extra notes or reference of the book which can be accessed by the students easily on the website. In this process, the professors will also earn revenue for generating such notes on the website. Some amount of the subscription will be shared with professors as well,” said Pattajoshi.

Glossaread will also provide a scholarship to meritorious students. The students will be selected as per their academicperformance. They will appear for an aptitude test. After which, according to their performance, the students will receive the scholarship.

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