‘Notebook’ to also help visually challenged, dyslexic students in their studies

‘Notebook’ to also help visually challenged, dyslexic students in their studies

PUNE: Two brothers, Subhayu Roy and Achin Bhattacharyya, co-founded an online portal and android app ‘Notebook’, which is a first of its kind e-learning platform for dyslexic and visually challenged students.  It enables students and parents to study in their respective school curriculum online. 

The co-founders stated that they wanted to develop an inclusive online platform for all kinds of students. “There is no separate section which notifies content for dyslexic or visually challenged students or specially-abled students. Our app is developed in a way that all kinds of students will be able to derive 70 to 80 per cent of knowledge easily from it,” said Roy.

“Through a counsellor, we learned that dyslexic students reciprocate to comics better. So we thought if this is the case then we should create the content of the app based on snapshot sequence which looks like a comic series. It will be an engaging and easy method to learn and understand difficult terms in the curriculum for all students. It will also have augmented storytellers,” said Roy.

‘Notebook’ currently doesn’t have doubt solver mechanism which can enable students to ask doubts or queries.

However, the founders stated that they are trying to adapt a system of community learning wherein students will solve problems of each other.

The app has data of language subjects of Std VIII, IX and X based on Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus. The founders aim to expand the app content of syllabus from 16  state boards and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). “At present, we are experimenting to find out how much relevant will this app prove for students. Based on the results we will slowly expand it to other board syllabus,” said Roy.

At present, around 3,000 students have downloaded the app from across the country, stated Roy. The app will store CBSE syllabus of English and social science subjects of Std XI and XII by May 2019. Science subject of all grades by June and July, followed by the addition of math syllabus by August. 

“We have started with language subjects because it has been observed that most of the online platforms or syllabus providers focus upon maths and science. Whereas, literature or language subjects are often sidelined. These subjects have vast topics which need to be addressed in proper teaching method,” said Roy.

Roy stated that in another two-and-a-half years time a fully functioning ‘Notebook’ will be available in the market.

It caters to urban, semi-urban and rural based students. Nevertheless, it has another feature which includes vernacular languages that helps in overcoming regional barriers to make learning more easier and efficient.

The app is free of cost for the first month of installation. Later, it will charge Rs 500 per subject every month. Roy said that once the student starts using the app fully which means he/she consumes all the videos uploaded on the app and is regular in learning from the app, it will reduce the monthly charges in following months.

“Through machine learning our app will detect students who are sincerely following the videos and utilising it for learning. There are tasks and targets to be met according to which we will identify student’s interest and will provide discounts or free access for following months,” said Roy.

Speaking about making it affordable for rural students Roy said, “With the help of machine learning we will understand if a regular follower has suddenly stopped watching the videos and completing the instructions given. If a genuine case comes forward wherein because of non-affordability the student is unable to access the app, we will definitely reduce the charges for them. Our purpose is to provide quality education to maximum students.”

- Accessible to dyslexia and visually-challenged students as well.
- Affordable price structure catering to both urban and rural populace.
- Cloud-based architecture enabling streaming to mobile phones and other personal devices.
- Involves audio-visual content that teaches through augmented storytelling techniques. It also includes added notes, summary and word meanings. The segregated question at every level with sample board exam questions.
- Efficient pedagogy created in conjunction with the highly qualified board of senior educators, content co-created with academia inputs.
- Access to notes offline, recap videos.
- Website www.notebook.school

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