33 religious teachers to join the Indian Army

33 religious teachers to join the Indian Army

PUNE: A batch of 33 Recruits Religious Teachers (RRTs) passed out of Institute of National Integration (INI), located on the College of Military Engineering (CME) campus in Dapodi on Saturday in a colourful Passing Out Parade (POP).

Brigadier Samir Salunke, Commandant of INI, reviewed the parade and awarded General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Army Training Command Gold and Institute of National Integration Commandant’s Silver Medal to Nb Sub RT (Pandit) Saurabh Shukla and Nb Sub RT (Pandit) Deepak Satyawali, respectively who distinguished themselves in varied facets of training.

The Commandant congratulated all participants and their parents, who attended in large numbers for successful completion of gruelling pre-commissioning training which encompasses subjects related to national integration, behaviour and social science to include yoga, spiritualism, psychological counselling and stress management.  The candidates are now ready to perform assigned duties of ‘Dharam Guru’ as well as psychological counsellor and mental health mentor in times of stress in any organisation of Indian Army. 

He stated that the religious teachers were not mere ‘Men of Rituals’ but also play a dominant role towards building up of morale, motivation among  troops and help in developing unit cohesion which is most important battle winning factor.

He affirmed continued resolve of INI to act as a primary think tank and true emissary of Indian Army towards stated goal of ‘nation building’ through ‘national integration’ as summarised by INI’s logo ‘Unity in Diversity’, while continuously growing from strength to strength.

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