56th Dak-Adalat to be held on July 7

56th Dak-Adalat to be held on July 7

Pune: The department of post, will be conducting a division based Dak Adalat at the head post office in Pune. The grievances of customers will be heard in person and the issue will be resolved. This will be organised by the department in the first week of July.

Considering the spread of coronavirus, the grievances of citizens that were unheard and not resolved by the postal department, will now be given a platform. This will be the 56th Dak Adalat that will be organised by the department.

The postal department has appealed to its citizens and unsatisfied customers who did not like the services, that they must give a written application of such complaint with full details along with date and time and the entire address of the sender as well as the addresses. If its related to postal banks or insurance, then it must mention the account details, the amounts and other issues that they want to raise.

Such Dak-Adalat will be organized on July 7, this year. The citizens and the customers who have unsolved issues related to postal services must send a mail, postal. No personal handover of the complaint to the postal department at the GPO office, in Pune, will be entertained before July 2.

The complaints regarding Postal Services in the District of Pune, including Satara, Solapur, and Ahmednagar, which have not been settled within the span of last six weeks will be heard, redressed and resolved at the Dak Adalat in person.

Complaints related to the unregistered or registered mail, speed post, counter services, saving banks, postal life insurance, saving schemes, non-payment of money orders and others, will be considered during Dak Adalat.

Complaints should contain details like the dates, names, and designation of the officer to whom the original complaint was addressed. Particular information and other technical details and service lapses that have occurred should also be mentioned.

The postal department has appealed to the customers, that such needs should be addressed to Mr. R S Gaikwad, who is an assistant postmaster at the General Post office, before July 2, in Pune, via ordinary post or registered post. Avoid personal visit considering the alarming spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The postal department officer added, "Such Dak Adalat help us to enhanced our abilities and overcome from the loopholes as well as help in maintaining a good relationship with customers, which bridge the gaps between them and us (customer). This is one way that they can avoid going to court and matters are settled down by giving importance to personal attention to each case, detailed one on one talks to each case can be dealt with."

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