After reaching a high of Rs 150 per kg, Tomatoes' prices drop

After reaching a high of Rs 150 per kg, Tomatoes' prices drop

Pune: Though prices of tomatoes had reached a record high and were sold in the range of Rs 100-150 per kg in the retail vegetable market, there is good news, as prices have fallen to Rs 50-80 per kg and are expected to drop further. Normally, tomatoes are sold at Rs 40 per kg.

The skyrocketed prices were discouraging consumers from buying tomatoes in large quantities, with many preferring to buy 250 gm or 500 gm. vvvvSanjay Gaikwad, a vendor of tomatoes at Mahatma Phule Mandai, said, “Since the last 15 days, there was 50 per cent less supply of tomatoes from the wholesale market due to heavy rainfall. Eventually, we had to sell at a high price ranging from Rs 100-150 per kg. The size was small and some were rotten, which led to less sale.”

“Even now, the situation is the same, but the tomatoes are fresh and big in size. People are buying it as the rate has dropped down to Rs 70 per kg,” Gaikwad said.

Anita Pote, a vegetable vendor at Mandai, said, “Last month’s farmers’ strike led to wastage of many vegetables - including fresh stock of tomatoes. With no backup, we have to rely completely on the stock that is coming in.” She said prices are liklely to go down further. 

Consumers are now also optimistic that the situation will normalise soon. Vaishali Shinde, an IT Professional, said, “We had no choice earlier but to purchase in small quantities.” Shweta Desai, a homemaker from Marketyard, said, “Today, I purchased tomatoes at the rate of Rs 60 per kg, but last week I had to purchase only 250 gm of tomatoes for Rs 25.”

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