Around 2,000 docs using digital prescriptions across the country

Around 2,000 docs using digital prescriptions across the country

Pune: Around 2,000 doctors across the country are now using Machine Learning (ML) platform, a software which generates a digital prescription for patients. The platform is developed by Dr Atish Laddad and around 500 paediatricians use the software in Maharashtra. 

This doctor-friendly application is one unique example of how machine learning and artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in improving healthcare.

Speaking to Sakal Times, Dr Laddad said that many times pharmacists give medicines or wrong doses of medicine to patients. And the cause of the error is medial prescription written by doctor or they did not understand handwriting of the doctor.

Avoiding errors
“These kinds of incidents have taken a toll on patients’ health. Some patients have lost their lives also because of this kind of error in medical prescription. To avoid this kind of error in medical prescription, Paedriatic Network has developed digital medical prescription called ‘Machine Learning’ (ML),” said Laddad. He noted that ML software gives digital prescriptions to patients for their illness. Therefore, the mistakes made in handwritten prescription are avoided. 

“Also, this platform is used to keep a record of medicines prescribed to patients in cloud computing. Hence, the doctor can also have the record of what kind medicines are prescribed to patients. We are planning to extend the software to all doctors (other than paediatricians),” said Laddad.

Time saver
Dr Kedar Sawleshkar from Aurangabad noted that the patients are very delighted with this software and its utility.
“Reason being that doctors save a lot of time in a digital prescription. Which also means we get more time to speak to the patients and so we are able to guide them in a proper way. The digital prescription is also detailed so the patients are clear about the medicines,” said Sawleshkar.

Easy to remember
Speaking to Sakal Times, Dr Hrishikesh Dingankar from Thane said that the digital prescription helps the patients remember when and how to take the medicines.

“I prescribe all my patients digitally and all of them are very happy. It helps them keep a track of what medicine is to be taken, when and how it is expected to be taken making the prescription more patient-friendly. For paediatricians, the medicines are prescribed as per the body weight of the children. And this application saves the time to assign dosage as it has been programmed to accordingly assign medicine with respect to the body weight of the child,” said Dingankar. 

What is Machine Learning?
 Just like the typing application in our smartphones, Machine Learning (ML) software can suggest medicines and if given the body weight of the patient, can also prescribe medicines. 
 It is a software which learns from the user. It is handy for doctors using desktops. 
 It also gives the time in which the medicines are to be taken and the food which the patient should eat or avoid. 
 A digital prescription is then generated highlighting the necessary points and names of the medicines.
 The doctor and patient, both have a copy of such a prescription. Printouts are given to the patient, while the doctor also has a copy of it, (digital and physical). 

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