Book launch celebrates life of industry icon Rahul Bajaj

The book HAMARA RAHUL compiles tributes to an extraordinary individual from a long list of 79 eminent personalities.
Hamara Rahul Book Launch
Hamara Rahul Book LaunchThe Bridge Chronicle

Pune: Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) launched a book to chronicle the life of Bajaj Group's former chairman emeritus Rahul Bajaj. The launch was done in the presence of Indian industry leaders at Mumbai.

Rahul Bajaj was an entrepreneur and a visionary, as well as a straight talker who influenced policy discourse for decades. The book HAMARA RAHUL compiles tributes to an extraordinary individual from a long list of 79 eminent personalities. The book attempts to provide a glimpse of the man behind the name and the image and to celebrate his life through the numerous memories that he left behind.

The book, Hamara Rahul, is edited by Tarun Das, Former Director General, CII and Kiran Pasricha, Former CEO, Ananta Aspen Centre. The event was organized by CII, Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation and Juggernaut. The day also marked the birth anniversary of Rahul Bajaj.

“Rahul Bajaj, a leader and institution builder, left an indelible mark through numerous initiatives. From founding institutions to establishing a ladies' hostel, his vision encompassed both the telescopic and microscopic aspects of progress - A legacy that transcends generations,” said Ramesh Mashelkar, Former Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

Uday Kotak, Founder and Former MD & CEO, Kotak Mahindra Bank noted, “Learning from Rahul Bajaj was an honor; his meticulous attention to detail and visionary approach to Baja Auto Finance left a lasting impression. A true leader, Mr Rahul Bajaj was ahead of his time, he prioritized consumer needs with a futuristic mindset. While Mr Bajaj always saw the big picture, he also analyzed matters in great detail. He was an icon of the Indian industry who never feared speaking the truth.” Kotak also credited him with nurturing talent among his sons who today lead two successful companies.

“Rahul Bajaj was renowned for his trailblazing leadership and philanthropic activities, but for me, he was a hard-working brother who led by example,” said Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman, Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation. Describing him as fearless, easy-going, and approachable, Mr Shekhar Bajaj also emphasized on Mr Rahul Bajaj’s commitment towards giving back to society.

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