Coronavirus Pune: Former MP Gajanan Babar demands masks, sanitizers, PPE kits to be exempted from GST

Coronavirus Pune: Former MP Gajanan Babar demands masks, sanitizers, PPE kits to be exempted from GST

Pune: Considering the alarming rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, as well as the job and income losses the repeated lockdowns have caused, former Member of Parliament Gajanan Babar has demanded that the Modi-led government exempt masks, sanitizers, PPE kits, and other precautionary medicines from the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

With the number of patients increasing every day, certain protective materials and goods such as sanitizers, masks, PPE kits, and other precautionary medicines are being mandated by health authorities.

Since the demand for these items is on a steep rise, the Food and Drug Administration authorities including the relevant ministers, police personnel, and administrative officials, have kept a tight watch on black markets where these goods are being sold at higher prices. There is also a constant check on the stock manufactured and distributed by the government.

In an effort to overcome these issues, former MP Gajanan Babar has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding that the government should not levy any amount of GST on masks, sanitizers, PPE kits, etc. which is helping citizens keep themselves safe.

Speaking to Sakal Times, MP Babar said, "The COVID-19 patients are increasing in the city and most of them are facing a financial crisis. On one hand, each patient is struggling to stay alive while on the other hand they are also struggling to manage medical expenses along with household expenses. We all know that the pandemic is not meant for making money, and thus, GST and other taxes must not be charged. These are essential goods for protection in this situation."

"I have emailed the Prime Minister about my appeal with the grievances of the people. These need to be addressed and cleared by them. We are waiting for a positive reply," he further elaborated.

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