Coronavirus Pune: Kothrud-Bavdhan area moving towards Green Zone

Coronavirus Pune: Kothrud-Bavdhan area moving towards Green Zone

Pune: The Kothrud-Bavdhan area could be declared as a ‘Green Zone’ as no fresh coronavirus cases have been found under the Kothrud-Bhavdhan ward office for over a week.

Speaking to Sakal Times, municipal commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said, “Kothrud-Bavdhan is moving towards the green zone. But it is too early to declare it as a green zone. As per the government guidelines, there should not be a new patient for 14 days after last admitted positive patient. There has been no new case registered for a week in this area so far. There are three zones based on COVID-19 positive cases: Red (over ten positive cases), Orange (less than 10 cases) and green (no positive case).

“We have to wait for some more time, until May 3, 2020. If you declare an area as a green zone and later a positive case is found, it will send across a negative message. So we have to wait. But we will decide after observing the situation and analysing data,” he added.

PMC assistant medical officer designated to handle COVID-19, Dr Sanjiv Wavare said, “As per the state government guidelines, there should not be a new case in 28 days after finding the last case. Till date, eight days are over without a case; we have to wait for another 20 days. Then the Kothrud-Bavdhan ward area could be marked as a green zone.”

Kothrud-Bavdhan, Aundh-Baner ward offices PMC Zonal Commissioner Nitin Udas said, “Kothrud-Bavdhan ward office area has a population of around two lakh. It is a mix of societies and slum pockets. We carry out awareness about COVID-19 and implementing restrictions. We follow the government guidelines. Social policing is helping keep the situation under control. People are also cooperating with police and PMC staff. It is a collective effort by people, civic administration, police and local representatives.”

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