COVID-19 Pune: Baner-Pashan breaches 1,000 coronavirus cases mark

COVID-19 Pune: Baner-Pashan breaches 1,000 coronavirus cases mark

Pune: Once known as a ‘green zone’ in the city, the Baner, Pashan, Aundh, Sus Road, Sutarwadi and Bopodi area has breached the 1,000 mark of COVID-19 cases. While the densely populated and slum areas have peaked and showing a decrease in cases, most of the new cases are being reported from housing societies in this area.

The Aundh-Baner ward office of Pune Municipal Corporation has registered total cases of 1034 cases of COVID-19. Out of these cases, 750 patients have recovered and been discharged while 262 patients are still undergoing treatment. A total 22 deaths have been reported so far from these areas.

The Prabhag Number 9 includes Baner, Balewadi, Pashan, Sutarwadi, Chavan Nagar and other areas. These localities have reported total 309 cases so far. Even though the total cases count seems low, there has been a steady rise in cases in the past few days.

Worrying part for the administration is that on Sunday alone, 15 new cases were reported from various societies in this area. A total of 132 patients have recovered and 171 are still under treatment out of the total 309 cases. Six patients from these areas have died due to COVID-19.

Aundh and Bopodi area comes under Prabhag number 8, mostly consisting of slums and densely populated localities. Bopodi was a hotspot in this region but that has come under control now. Bhoite Vasti, Naik Chawl, Bopodi Gaothan all areas are showing a decrease in cases reported. The housing societies in this areas have also managed to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Out of the total 725 cases reported, 618 patients have recovered, 91 are still under treatment and 16 have died so far. Two patients were found in the Aundh road area recently, but no new patient has been found in Aundh Gaothan and Ambedkar Vasahat area.

Amol Balwadkar, Corporator of the area talking to Sakal Times said, "Aundh-Baner was in Green Zone but now the cases are rising all over the city. Though the situation is under control, people should follow the strict rules of lockdown and should not venture unnecessarily."

"We are creating a continuous awareness about the COVID-19 through social media. Residents should take extra care about the elderly people as well as patients with blood pressure, diabetes should quarantine themselves at home," he added.

Jaydeep Pawar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Aundh Ward Office said, “Even though we have managed to bring the situation under control in areas like Bopodi, our fight against COVID-19 will continue. Along with citizens, local elected representatives have also played an important role in curbing the spread of coronavirus in these densely populated and slum areas. We will also be successful in preventing the outbreak in areas like Baner, Balewadi, Pashan areas in the coming days.”

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