COVID-19 Pune: Remdesivir drug sold in black markets at exorbitant prices

COVID-19 Pune: Remdesivir drug sold in black markets at exorbitant prices

Pune: With coronavirus cases spiking daily, black-marketing of remdesivir has become common across Pune as it is being sold for multiple times its retail price. According to different complaints reported by consumers, the drug is being sold at rates ranging from Rs 17,000 to 20,000. The actual price of the remdesivir is Rs 5,400. An acute shortage of remdesivir, one of the most important drug is been sold at exorbitant price.

Rumours are being spread that there is a shortage of remdesivir. Therefore, it is time to make definite regulations on the use of these injections, which are effective in some patients with coronary artery disease, health experts told Sakal Times. Relatives of patients are buying injections at exorbitant prices, opine many pharmacologists.

Anil Belkar, Secretary, Chemists' Association of Pune district, said, "Relatives of patients should purchase injections at MRP rates. The chemists' association has a helpline in this regard and one can contact to know the information.”

In this regard, the Joint Commissioner of Food and Drug Department SB Patil said, "8,000 vials of remdesivir arrived on Monday and 4,000 vials on Sunday have been distributed. Doctors are prescribing these injections to every patient.”

“No effective drug was found on the corona. Therefore, remdesivir injection may not be helpful for every patient. There is a huge misconception in people's minds about this. Therefore, steps are being taken to prevent the misinformation. Meetings have been held with private hospitals regarding the use of these injections,” Dr Subhash Salunkhe, Medical Consultant, Corona Infection Department informed.

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