Eateries gear up for World Cup treat

Eateries gear up for World Cup treat

PUNE: Restaurants and cafes in the city are gearing up for the 21st  FIFA World Cup 2018. As most of the restaurants across the city are planning to welcome fans, one can feel the vibes. 

From theme-based cocktails to extended happy hours and increasing screening space to installing big speakers, they are trying everything to grab football fans’ attention.   

Putting up banners and flexes on main roads is the basic thing, which attracts fans the most. In some cases, if one of the football teams is the owner’s favourite, then fans supporting that team get maximum advantages such as minimal cost on drinks and free entries. Even if you are wearing the team’s jersey, you are lucky enough to get the perks. 

World Cup matches is a big business opportunity, which will last for one month, starting from June 14. Providing one-on-one cocktail features such as mojito sangria cocktails with starters, cafes and restaurants have been providing many offers to customers, who are coming to enjoy the screening.

Various owners across the city expect more rush as compared to regular days. However, going by the mood of the city, crowds will start flocking to these places in July, i.e in the middle of the tournament. 

Last year, restaurants had named some of their dishes such as ‘Messi Noodles’ and ‘Julio Cesar Salad’, ‘Sergio Biscuits’, ‘Andy Casserole’ after renowned football players. There was décor inspired by the Brazil theme (green and yellow). This year, we have not seen anything like this yet, maybe the city is planning for something big, said some of the hotel owners.

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