Ecological Society alumni aid alma mater

Ecological Society alumni aid alma mater

PUNE: Giving back to its alma matter, Friends of Ecological Society - a group of 100 alumni of Ecological Society (ES) are coming together to raise funds for the research and restoration programmes of ES. These alumni will work to increase the outreach and bring new ideas to further the ecological agenda. They will help in taking the ES knowledge to the relevant policy-makers. This announcement was made at a press conference at Patrakar Bhavan recently. 

“There are around 400 students who have studied from ES and out of which 100 of us have created an informal group to stay connected with it. We are people from different sectors like IT, Botany and others and together we want to leverage our expertise in the ecological project,” said Sharad Mahajan, an alumni of ES and architect planner during the conference.

“We will be connecting with other alumni to come forward and help us with their expertise so that we can work for nature and also for the civil society,” added Mahajan.

The alumni group will also network across corporate houses, government and influential individuals.  They will be conducting projects and studies in the area of ecology with a view of assisting policy makers and administration in taking more sustainable decisions.

This team will also help ES to write funding proposals and take knowledge to relevant policy makers.  Swati Gole, Co-Founder and Chairman of ES along with a team of trustees was also present during the conference. It was founded by Prakash Gole in 1982.

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