The emitted ash will be used for production of cement and roads - Energy Minister, Dr Nitin Raut

The emitted ash will be used for production of cement and roads - Energy Minister, Dr Nitin Raut

Pune: The Maharashtra state's energy minister Dr Nitin Raut has directed the state government to send a proposal to reduce the pollution from thermal power projects and use the ash to build roads and use it in cement factories.

According to the Paris Agreement, it is necessary to prevent pollution caused by the thermal power plants of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) to prevent environmental changes due to industrial reasons. 

In the meeting, Dr Raut assured Environment Minister Aditya Thackeray that appropriate measures would be taken to prevent pollution from thermal power plants.

A meeting is expected to be held soon with the State Road Development Corporation and the cement industry to use the emitted ash for road construction and cement production. Aditya Thackeray along with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment will also jointly participate and work on this.

"At present, the quality of coal used for power generation in thermal power plants in the state is not good and it produces a large amount of ash. If it is used for disposal in cement factories and for road construction, the environment can be conserved. However, the transportation cost of the emitted ash from Koradi and Khaparkheda is about Rs 135 crore and the cost is to be borne by the Road Development Corporation," said Dr Raut. He also added that the cement industry will be encouraged to use it.

"Pollution caused by thermal power plants will be investigated. High-quality coal from the mine is sold to other states. However, as low-quality coal is being supplied to the Mahanirmithi centres, more ash is being generated from it. Soon all the thermal power plants will be inspected and the pollution generated from them will be ascertained," added Dr Raut.

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