Feedback machine installed at airport for passengers

Feedback machine installed at airport for passengers

PUNE: To get the feedback from passengers about facilities provided by the Pune airport, the authorities have installed a new feedback system for passengers which aims at addressing the complaints instantly.

Ajay Kumar, Director, Pune airport said, “A machine - Feedback Management System - has been installed at departure-2 to get feedback from passengers. The purpose of the machine is that if passengers have any complaints, they can send it through the system. The complaint will automatically go to the concerned department and in addition, the passenger will receive an email. When the complaint is solved, a mail will be sent to the passenger who raised the issue. It is on a trial basis and in the future, there will be five such machines.”

Explaining the working method, Ajay Kumar said that the screen will have all options related to different aspects of the airport and the passengers will just have to feed the details through a touchscreen. 

“Typing by the passengers while filing complaints or feedback is minimum. For example, if a passenger witnesses a dirty toilet, he or she can come near the machine, select the option, and just post their problem. And the good thing about the system is that action will be taken instantly,” he said.

The official added that the same applied to other services as well. “For example, if a passenger has a problem with an airline, the same process will go and the complaint will reach the airline authorities like the station manager and the authority need to solve the issue out with immediate effect,” he said.

Once the complaint, for instance, in connection with dirty toilets is entered into the system, it will go directly to the housekeeping manager and the terminal manager of the airport. “One can call it a feedback cum complaints-redressal system. In this case, on receiving the complaint, the department has to ensure that the toilet is cleaned immediately so that the same passenger, if he or she, intends to use it again, or other passengers using it, do not come across the same problem,” said Ajay Kumar, Director, Pune Airport.

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