Inspect students' school bag weight randomly: GR

Inspect students' school bag weight randomly: GR

Pune: A government resolution (GR) was issued on Wednesday, instructing the Education Officers in all districts to inspect schools randomly every month to keep a check on the weight of students' school bags.

Heavy books, lunch boxes and water bottles were burdening students under their weight. The GR was issued in order to reduce pressure on children who have to carry heavy bags daily to school. Doctors have suggested that this can cause chronic back pain and other health problems. 

School principals have assured that the schools have been taking preventive measures to lower the burden of bags for children. 

“The school has installed water purifiers in the entire premises so that children do not have to bring filled water bottles to school. We have also instructed them to carry books according to their timetable. Our school teachers frequently check the bags of students to ensure that they aren't carrying extra books from their tuition classes or any other class,” said Teresa David, Principal of Laxmanrao Apte School.

The schools have started a new system wherein one textbook is shared on one desk by the partners. This allows students to get textbooks on alternate days, reducing the load of books.

“We have 'no books day' for Class 5, 6 and 7 on Saturday. It is followed by an interaction day for the students in these grades. Class 8, 9 and 10 have cupboards which we have installed with the help of parents and teachers so that the students don't carry essay books, practice books and homework books daily. If a teacher assigns self-work or homework to the children then they are supposed to finish it in the class within the given extra time,” said Satish Gavali, Principal of Modern High School, 

The schools have instructed parents not to give extra tiffin boxes to students. “It is not only the school's responsibility to ensure that students are not overburdened with heavy bags, the parents must equally take care of it. As there is only one break during the day, the parents are suggested to give lunch accordingly. Earlier, the students would have to carry two-three lunch boxes which would increase the weight of their bags, now they can carry one lunch box,” said Gavali.

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