Isolated village gets electricity for first time

Isolated village gets electricity for first time

Pune: Rajnikant Mendhe, a 29-year-old government school teacher, travels around 100 km from Pune to teach a single student, is one of the happy persons, who got to know that the villagers of Chandar who never saw an electric pole have finally received electricity. A resident, Dinaram Sangle, is the first person to get a power connection, along with a connection to the primary school in the village. 

The joy of the arrival of electricity was celebrated by distributing sugar in the village. Mahavitaran literally pulled electricity to the village through the mountains by installing 65 line poles and a distribution transformer. Till date, the villagers were accustomed to using the moonlight. But now, the households of Chandar, along with the two hamlets Digewasti and Takewasti, are illuminated.

Situated in the lap of Sahyadri Hills, the backward region of Chandar (taluka  Velhe, district Pune) and the two adjoining hamlets were electrified within seven days. On the adjoining hilltop is Takewasti, which has 10 households, whereas on another hilltop is Digewasti, which has 18 households, taking the total of households to 46 in the area. The last 15-km stretch is not motorable. Only a jeep can use the road. During the rainy season, Chandar and the two adjoining hamlets get completely disconnected from the world for around 5 to 6 months.

Sanjay Taksande, Regional Director, Mahavitaran, said, “Sanjeev Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of Mahavitaran, came to know about Chandar village through the media. So he instructed the officials concerned to take immediate steps to provide electricity to the village. Accordingly, the officials inspected the picturesque Chandar and accepted the challenge of setting up power infrastructure on the hillock. Later, on April 20, the actual work was started.”

The power supply was started on May 1. On the first day, two electricity connections each in the three villages were given. Among these, Dinaram Sangle got the first power connection, along with a connection to the primary school. At Takewasti, Baban Sangle, Tukaram Besawade while at Digewasti Nathu Kokre and Tima Kokare got new power connections. At the sight of electric bulbs in their houses, these new consumers and their families’ faces lit up with joy and innocence, which could be sensed from their laughter. 

About Chandar village electrification
 The village is located 90 km from Pune and is the last point in the catchment area of the Panshet Dam.
 Power was provided in the three different directions at Chandar, Digewasti and Takewasti.
 The 440 volts of low-tension lines were laid from a transformer at the hilltop.
 Electricity was provided through the nine poles to Digewasti situated near the power transformer.
 Providing electricity to Chandar proved to be the most difficult task. 
 17 electric poles were installed on the hill slopes of Chandar that are situated 1,300 metres at the hill base and another 10 electric poles were installed for Takewasti in the third direction.

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