Lockdown impact: Divorce cases spike in Pune; five cases filed daily
Lockdown impact: Divorce cases spike in Pune; five cases filed daily

Pune: The number of divorce petitions filed in family courts has increased from last few days. Most of the divorce applications are moved on the minor or petty reasons such as differences in preferences, ego problems and increasing use of social media, financial instability, unrealistic expectations from spouses have led to an increase in divorce applications.

In these two years the cases are alarming as in between August 2018 and August 2020, 7,273 divorce cases have been filed in the Family Court. Of these, 3,132 have filed for divorce by mutual consent, while the remaining 4,273 have filed for divorce. Out of the filed claims, 5,394 claims have been settled. Of these, 1,901 claims have been made by mutual consent, while the remaining 3,484 claims have been made by a partner.

In the past, the relationship was undermined due to the harassment of the wife to get money from her maternal house, harassment by the in-laws, and the husband's alcoholism. However, now the picture has changed. The society is imitating western culture. The causes of family quarrels and relationships have changed. The couples are arguing over reasons such as prestige, late marriage, lack of luxury items or refusal to buy, name and ownership in the property, not giving each other enough time, parting and excessive use of social media.

In recent times many have only one offspring. So be it a boy or a girl. Such parents appear to have contributed to the increase in divorce. You also have a salary. They teach children, "You fight, divorce doesn't matter." It seems to be motivating children to divorce. In it, both of them are pursuing their careers and their relationship seems secondary. As a result, the number of divorce applications has increased.

“Suspicion and the increasing use of social media have led to an increase in divorce claims. In the past, the family system was common in India. At that time, if there was a quarrel between husband and wife, the elders would explain. The couple should respect their elders. They used to come together. However, now, due to the imitation of Western culture, separate family practices are being introduced. Disputes over petty issues are reaching out directly to family court. To stop this, Indian culture must be imitated again,” Adv Vaishali Chandne, President, The Family Court Lawyers Association said.

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