Major Nair and his wife’s eternal love story

Major Nair and his wife’s eternal love story

Pune: Why do marriages break these days? Money, looks, weight, ego, or something equally shallow?

But nothing could deter Major Shashidharan Nair (33) from marrying his sweetheart, not even an illness that rendered Trupti wheelchair-bound after their engagement. Chivalry isn’t dead. The lady mourning in a wheelchair when Maj Nair’s mortal remains were brought to Pune on Saturday was Trupti, his wife.  He had promised to marry her and it was a promise he kept, notwithstanding some ‘friendly advise’ that came his way after his fiancé was diagnosed with the illness. 

Captain Shashi (then 27), as he was fondly called by his friends, had met Trupti (26), MCA graduate,  through mutual friends six years ago. His friends recalled that it was love at first sight and they were engaged within six months. 

Within a few months of their engagement, Trupti was diagnosed with multiple arteriosclerosis, which reduced her movements and put her on a wheelchair. Shashi’s friends advised him to call off the engagement, but his love and commitment for Trupti prevailed. He married her soon. Trupti again suffered another stroke which left her paralysed below the waist. 

A friend of Shashi recalled, “The young couple led a happy life. Major Nair would take her to parties, restaurants, wherever he went. He would wheel in and carried her in his arms to places.” Trupti too gelled well into the Army culture, becoming a fixture at all formal and informal get-togethers.

Early years
Shashi, born on July 30, 1985, completed his schooling from the two Kendriya Vidyalayas located in Girinagar and NDA. He graduated in BSc (Chemistry) from Fergusson College (FC) in 2006. He was a part of the Army wing of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). His friends from FC recalled him as most polite, humble and down to earth person. Every Sunday, he would cycle from his home in Khadakwasla to FC, about 15 km, for NCC drills. 

FC pays tribute 
About 500 students gathered to pay tribute to Major Nair at the Fergusson College on Tuesday. Those present also included Major Swapnil Zende, Major Prasad Thite, Major Hasbnis S, who have graduated from FC, and Dr Kanetkar SN, Secretary, Deccan Education Society, HoDs of various departments,  teaching and non-teaching staffs.

Major Shridhar M Vhankate, Associate NCC Officer of Fergussion College, said, “Major Nair was a very disciplined and dedicated student. He was committed towards the country. In personal life also, he has shown his commitment and dedication. He took good care of his wife and family members.”

Facebook post goes viral
“My dear countrymen don’t talk about Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul. Please tell your children about Maj Nair, his life is a lesson in how to respect a woman and how to honour your words!!,” this post by Lt Col Sandeep Ahlawat has gone viral on Facebook. People are sharing and commenting on it extensively.

Major Nair's profile

  • Major Nair joined the Indian Military Academy (IMA) at Dehradun in 2006. 
  • In his 11-year military career, Major Nair served in the high-altitude regions and counterinsurgency areas in Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • He was also posted as an instructor at the Cadets Training Wing (CTW), College of Military Engineering (CME), Pune. Last year again, he was posted in Kashmir. He had gone back to his posting place 10 days before his martyrdom after one month leave.

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