Manpower crunch at MPSC; interviews slowed down

Manpower crunch at MPSC; interviews slowed down

By Prajakta Joshi


PUNE: The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC), which is responsible for recruitment of Class I, II and III government employees, itself is grappling with inadequate manpower.

It’s over a year now, the post of Commission’s Chairperson is vacant after Chairperson VN More retired. Since then Chandrashekhar Oak is the Acting Chairman.

“The interviews and appointments of several MPSC candidates are getting delayed as the Commission does not have adequate staff. Only two people conduct the interviews where as it should be conducted by the Chairman and six other panel members,” MPSC aspirant Mahesh Bade said. He added that the candidates are clearing several examinations that come under MPSC, but are suffering as they are left without appointments as their interviews are not being conducted.

“It indeed is a sad situation since the organisation which is responsible for recruiting employees across the State cannot carry out its work efficiently because of its inadequate staff strength,” Bade said.

In response, Oak said although it is true that the interview process has slowed down due to the lack of manpower, the work was on in full swing.

He explained, “We have been working non-stop throughout the past one year. Just the two of us at the Commission have conducted around 5,000 interviews.”

"But I agree, that if we had more people, we would be able to complete this work in a smaller amount of time,” he said. 

“Yes, there are vacancies at the Commission. However, I cannot say anything about the dates of recruitment. The government carries out recruitment process for the office. As for now, I will continue to do my job as long as I am told to,” the acting chairperson added.

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