Military Intel staff exchange congratulatory messages

Military Intel staff exchange congratulatory messages

Pune: “Congratulations to all Intelligence Corps officers and PBOR (Personnel Below officer rank), one of our tiger is relieved,” is one of the various messages, which is circulating among Military Intelligence officers in wake of bail granted to Lt Colonel Prasad Shrikant Purohit.

“Military intelligence officers and PBOR are very happy after the bail order of Purohit sir. We are very happy that he got released and is back in Army. We have congratulated each other through text messages on his release,” says an officer with Military Intelligence unit posted at 76 APO.

According to sources, there is a general feeling of happiness among officers and jawans of the Military Intelligence unit  after the release of Lt Col Purohit.

Congratulatory messages such as “Congratulations our Tiger is back, Welcome back Lt Colonel Purohit, the pride of intelligencers,” are being circulated among the MI and army personnel.

A PBOR of MI currently posted in 56 APO, who has worked under Purohit, on condition of anonymity, said, “I have worked under him for around four months. He was a great officer and always used to treat his jawans with respect and affection. He always used to motivate us to do good work as soldiers and as an intelligence operative. Among us, we always used to address him as Tiger out of respect.”

A commissioned rank MI officer posted in Northeast said, “Everybody is happy about his release. He was framed and was imprisoned for nine years. His family has struggled a lot during all these years. Irony is that he was victimised by none other than a fellow army officer Col (retd) RK Shrivastava. We consider each other as brother officers. But it was really unfortunate that one of our own was involved in framing him.”

A social media group ‘Indian Army Fans’ with more than 20 lakh members has messages like “Welcome back Col Purohit, now the truth will come out”. There are personal groups which are posting celebratory messages.
Another MI officer said, “Not only Military Intelligence unit, in fact, most of the people in Army are happy with his bail order. He was an exceptionally good intelligence officer and everybody respects him for that.”

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