More city women consulting doctors online

More city women consulting doctors online

Pune: With the growing influence of the Internet and enhanced awareness among people, more and more women in Pune are warming up to ‘Digital Doctor Consultations’ by using various online healthcare platforms. 

Out of 5,000 customers, 41 per cent users were women. This growing trend reveals how women are actively utilising telemedicine to get treatment for themselves and their kin. Additionally, every one out of two queries raised by men pertain to seeking advice for their mothers or their spouses.

According to the trends observed between December 2017 and February 2018 by DocOnline, a platform that provides access to doctor consulting services digitally, there is a growing ease among women in Pune.

Women are using these digital healthcare platforms more frequently to seek consultation which is an encouraging sign for the prospects of online or digital healthcare platforms.

As per statistics, 65 per cent women consult for self-cure while 35 per cent seek advice for their spouse or other family members. 

In comparison, only 45 per cent men consult to get themselves treated while for most of the other instances they seek consultation for their family members or others. 

Commenting on the emerging trend, Rahul Paith, Chief Operating Officer of DocOnline said it is encouraging and heart-warming to notice more women are finding it easy to adapt to online consultations for advice from doctors.

“Whether it is for self-care or to seek opinion for their kin, women are going digital with their healthcare needs, and this will be a major boost to the Indian healthcare sector in the times to come,” said Paith.

How Digital Doctor Consultation works 

 For example a family member is suffering from sever fever and taking him to the doctor is not possible.
 One has to register on an online portal like and mention the condition you are suffering from. In this case, it is fever.
 An expert doctor can interact with you through video conference within an hour and help you with medicines.
 It is not free, every portal charges a different amount for online consultation packages, ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 for a stipulated period of time. 
 The rates are not on a ‘per sitting’ or ‘per visit’ basis. 
 It eliminates the need to seek appointment and wait for days.

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