More obese women opt for weight loss measures than men: Survey

More obese women opt for weight loss measures than men: Survey

PUNE: In a recent survey it was revealed that 60 per cent of obese women are keen to adopt weight-loss measures, against just 30 per cent men who fall in the overweight category. The trend was observed among men and women of Pune between April and September 2018 by DocOnline, a telemedicine and online doctor consultation services platform. The survey revealed that more women resolve or practice weight-loss regimes than men.

Over 10,000 customers were covered in this survey.

In these changing times, excessive weight shows immediate negative effects on women, in comparison to men. From failing menstrual cycles to not being able to conceive, problems are many among women who gain excessive weight due to sedentary lifestyles and irregular/improper eating habits among them. Besides, women are reported to be three times more prone to obesity than men.

Dr Mohammad Azhar Kothwal, consultant physician at DocOnline said that modern-day women are more attentive to the changes to their physical appearance. “Our study indicates that more women want to stay healthy, in comparison to men. This is a motivating sign for the society at large. Healthy women can maintain a healthy family, and thus a healthy nation. More men fall in the obese category, compared to women in India,” said Kothwal. Around  30 per cent of women are keener to shed body weight. Commenting on the emerging trend, Dr BV Latha, consultant physician at DocOnline said that slow weight loss is the healthy way to go.

“Not only is it easier to maintain but is also highly effective. Men and women who take to weight-loss diets and exercises must realise that those who lose weight too fast, will only end up gaining it faster. One might want to shed the extra pounds through quick-fix dietary solutions, but this could be dangerous and not recommended at all,” said Dr Latha.

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