Meet Murlidhar Mohol: Unveiling Pune's New MP

In the aftermath of the election results many new and old names have come to the limelight. Though a prominent name in Pune, here is all you need to know about Pune's new MP Murlidhar Mohol.
Meet Murlidhar Mohol: Unveiling Pune's New MP
Meet Murlidhar Mohol: Unveiling Pune's New MPImage Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Murlidhar Kisan Mohol was a corporator in the Pune Municipal Corporation's 12C ward in 2017 and also was a member of the Bhartiya Janata Party. He later was elected as the Mayor of Pune in November 2019.

Mohol is known in Pune for his competencies and also good works that prompted his win. Let us dig in to know the details of his background. Mohol completed his graduation in Arts, and later farthened his career in Agriculture and Business.

Murlidhar Mohol
Murlidhar MoholStock image

The former Pune-Mayor also served as the Saffron Party's strong election in-charge for the Lok Sabha Seat. For which Mohol registered a win in the Lok Sabha seat with a margin of 1,23,038 votes. Later, Murlidhar Mohol took over the seat after the death of the sitting MP Girish Bapat.

However his fierce battle was overshadowed by the tiff in the adjoining areas of Baramati - the family turf for the Pawars. There was a heated clash between Supriya Sule, the daughter of Sharad Pawar. Pawar has had a record of representing the constituency six times before handing it over to Sule in 2009. Not surprisingly, Supriya Sule won the Pawar Bastian this Lok Sabha Elections. Supriya Sule won the seat by 7,32,312 votes.

"The victory in Pune is good but we are upset with the results across the country as it was not as per our expectations"

Said BJP spokesperson Sandeep Khardekar.

There has been no change in the outcome of the Lok Sabha results since the 2019 in Pune Constituencies. However, the only new face in the Pune district is Mohol since the three of the sitting MPs Supriya Sule of NCP(SP), Amol Kolhe(SP) OF Shirur, Shirang Barne of Shiv Sena of Maval were re-elected.

Supriya Sule, Shrirang Barne, Murlidhar Mohol, Amol Kolhe
Supriya Sule, Shrirang Barne, Murlidhar Mohol, Amol KolheE- Sakal

Recently Mohol has strengthened community bonds in Pune by hosting a variety of cultural and sports events. The MP's initiatives include organizing the prestigious Maharashtra Kesari, a renowned wrestling competition which was started in 1854 in Maharashtra. He also coordinated many blood donation drives, among any other cultural events in the city.

It is also assumed that Murlidhar Mohol also shares a good equation with the Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Maharashtra BJP chief Chandrashekhar Bawankule

Mohol at Maharashtra Kesari
Mohol at Maharashtra Kesari

"I am thankful to the voters of Pune for electing me to the Lok Sabha and I promise to make them proud with my performance"

Said Mohol after his win

Mohol's manifesto mainly focused on the city's development, infrastructure, easing traffic troubles. Mohol further promised to ram the process of the ongoing infrastructure projects. Mohol assured the people of Pune if he comes power he will create the most awaited 150km long metro line stretching throughout the city landscape. There is also a mention of the introduction of new buses to create a better transport system for the public. The biggest addition to Mohol's manifesto is a new International Airport in Purandar.

“I will constitute a think tank of experts for the city and regularly interact with them on development issues of city. My office will be open round the clock for the service of citizens”

says Mohol, who was also city mayor.

The newly elected MP also had some elating ideas regarding the constant urbanization of the city, he said that he plans to make the city carbon emission-free with the introduction of more eco-friendly projects. Mohol added he aims to initiate renewable energy in most public services promoting a healthy lifestyle for Punekars.

The politician also spoke about how he anticipates implementing the river rejuvenation project for the Mula Mutha River. Mohol is keen to bring the change Pune eagerly awaits.

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