Nine-meter roads could promote development in Pune: PMC Commissioner

Nine-meter roads could promote development in Pune: PMC Commissioner

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Friday, submitted a factual report to the Maharashtra state government, suggesting that nine-meter roads are ideal for the development of the city. 

According to the report, all the six-meter roads in the city could be expanded into nine meters, as they are expected to boost the development of the city and its infrastructure. It is also expected to prove beneficial for old buildings.

Also, commencing the new constructions at the cost of TDR, can be a source of monetary income for the municipal corporation.


Previously, the administration had submitted a proposal before the standing committee, to expand almost 323 city-based roads to nine-meter-long stretches. The proposal, along with a survey conducted on various PMC jurisdictions highlighted all the six-meter and other roads in the city, which could be stretched to an additional three meters to reach nine meters. But this proposal was objected by the opposition parties.

Recently, opposition MPs, MLAs and local leaders met with Deputy Chief Minister and Pune guardian minister Ajit Pawar, where they complained against such moves, in Pune.

In this regard, another meeting was conducted in Mumbai under the chairmanship of Minister Pawar. The meeting concluded in putting a temporary halt on the decision of expanding roads to nine-meters and giving a nod for six-meter roads to gain the TDR benefit. 

Following the meeting, the Pune Municipal Corporation was further directed to conduct an on-ground assessment, which was to be submitted with a factual survey report.  

Based on the direction of Minister Pawar on Friday, PMC Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad submitted the report.

In possession of the copy, Sakal Times inspected the report submitted by PMC Commissioner Gaikwad. The report mentions that the local self-governing bodies sanctioned a TDR without paying money for land acquisition. 

According to the report, it is possible to widen the roads without spending money as the TDR was previously permitted on six-meter roads. However, the government prohibited such a rule in 2016.

Currently, it is essential to allow TDR for nine meters of the road instead of six meters as many new buildings are underway. This could lead to congestion and chaos due to heavy traffic. It is also likely that unforeseen incidents could disrupt the flow of traffic on these roads. But if nine-meter roads are made a mandate, efforts will pay off in avoiding impish attempts.

The report also talks about many older buildings, whose safety walls are constructed on the road. If the authorities are permitted to construct nine-meter roads, these buildings could then be shifted three meters back, and in return, can claim benefits of TDR and FSI. 

These buildings can also be reconstructed, and utilize these extra spaces for building amenities. As per the report, this will also be applicable for long-pending old Wada restoring and restructuring it. 

The redevelopment can be expedited if TDR is given to such buildings on priority as it will provide space for widening. The development process will also get a boost. The report also states that large houses can be built if TDR is used.

Speaking to Sakal Time, PMC's Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad admitted that the report was made and said, “A meeting chaired by Minister Pawar in Mumbai to discussions the need and sanctioning of widening of roads by nine meters. As per the instructions received, we were asked to submit a factual report to the government."

"The report elaborates the importance of focusing on growth and improvement for the development of the city. These decisions are expected to bring major benefits along with the wide roads. It is also believed to give impetus to the redevelopment of old buildings," he added. 

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