Now get massage services on board Indore-Pune train

Now get massage services on board Indore-Pune train

Pune: Just imagine, how good it would be that you get massages while travelling. Yes, for the first time in the history of Indian Railways, massage services are being introduced for the passengers.

The massage facility will be made available in 39 trains departing from Indore at the moment. 

These trains include train number 19312/11 Indore-Pune (running five days a week via Panvel), train number 22944/43 Indore-Pune (Bi-weekly via Kalyan), Dehradun-Indore Express (14317), New Delhi-Indore Intercity Express (12416) and Indore-Amritsar Express (19325), except for the remaining 34 trains.

Rajesh Bajpai, Director, Media and Communications, the Railway board has confirmed the development. 

He said that this is the first time such a contract has been signed. The massage service will begin in 10-15 days and it will be available from 6 am to 10 pm. A fee of Rs 100 would be charged for head and leg massage.

As per the information shared by officials from Ratlam Division, The massage rates are likely to vary. For example, the gold scheme costs Rs 100, the diamond scheme is for Rs 200 and platinum is for Rs 300. It will be mandatory for the passenger to show identity cards for acquiring massage services. Three to five massagers would be deployed on each train.

Advantages of massage services
- The massage service has been proposed by the Ratlam Division of Western Railway. 
- The expected income from the service is Rs 20 lakh, which will take the total income to Rs 90 lakh.
- Long-distance trains departing from Pune to Jammu, Patna and Jaipur might get the service too. The massage facility will be made available in 39 trains at the moment.
- So far, special facilities like spa and massage are provided in the Palace on Wheels and Maharaja Express.

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