PMRDA takes over as planning authority of Lavasa Corporation

PMRDA takes over as planning authority of Lavasa Corporation

Pune: A meeting was held at Lavasa Corporation’s head office on Thursday as per the notification issued by State government revoking the Special Planning Authority status awarded to Lavasa Corporation. The government notification said that PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority) will take over the charge.

PMRDA Chief Kiran Gitte, Town Planner Vivek Kharwadkar, Suresh Pendharkar, Mukund Rathi and Lavasa Vice President David Amalraj were present for the meeting. On this occasion, PMRDA officials visited Lavasa city. The representatives of Lavasa Corporation made a presentation about the project.

Lavasa hill station was established in 2001. It has 18 villages from Mulshi and Velhe Talukas. The land admeasures 10,500 acres and is spread over these 18 villages.  

It came under the control of Lavasa Corporation Limited after Special Planning Authority was appointed. Accordingly, the hill station was created along with basic infrastructural facilities for its inhabitants.  

However, on July 3, the State government revoked Special Planning Status awarded to Lavasa Corporation and PMRDA was declared as authority having jurisdiction over Lavasa Corporation. Now onwards PMRDA will work as planning authority and will work towards integrated planning of land in 18 villages which are not under the purview of Lavasa Corporation. Henceforth, all building permissions will be given by PMRDA.

Easy access to Lavasa for all
“PMRDA will work for citizens to get easy access to Lavasa. The city should not remain as a mere ‘gated community’ but should rather become a ‘city for all’.  As a part of seeking sustainable solutions the emphasis will now be put on formation of the local self body,” said Kiran Gitte, PMRDA Chief.

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