Pune: 42-year-old man dies after ambulance, hospital denies service

Pune: 42-year-old man dies after ambulance, hospital denies service

Pune: Ambulance service provider refused to come... hospital denied admission... a patient suffering cardiac arrest was left without treatment during the crucial golden hours... While his relatives managed to take him to a government hospital through their private vehicle, he had breathed his last. A 42-year-old man died sans treatment in this city which is known as a medical hub equipped with advanced healthcare facilities.

The deceased has been identified as Umesh Chakore. He was working in Bharat Force company. Umesh was going through severe pain on Thursday morning at around 5 am. His family members panicked. They dialled the Jehangir Hospitals number, but the hospital staff said they can't admit the patient. So Umesh's family decided to call the 108 ambulance service, but the driver refused to come at their place citing the reason of roads being closed in Khadakmal Aali area. Every minute passing by was crucial, but his family could not arrange for an ambulance as other service providers too refused service.

Finally, Umesh's relatives arranged a private vehicle and decided to take him to the government hospital. Umesh was immediately attended by doctors there, but till then he had breathed his last. Doctors declared him dead upon arrival. His life could have been saved, if he had got treatment during the golden hours.

Nilima Bhilare, relative of Umesh said, "Jehangir hospital staff told us to take Umesh to a local doctor first and then only he will be admitted to hospital. We called up two to three ambulance service providers including the 108 service, but no ambulance came to our location. Nobody responded to our calls. If the ambulance had come in time, Umesh's life could have been saved. He has two children - a two-year-old son and six-year-old daughter."

Jehangir hospital administration claimed that Umesh's relatives had called the hospital number and told the staff that he was feeling breathless. "We told them that we do not have a vacancy in the quarantine ward. We had assured the relatives that if he is brought to the hospital we can provide primary treatment to him," the hospital administration has stated.

In a similar incident, a senior citizen from Nana Peth area too had lost his life after 108 ambulance service providers and police officials refused to act in time to provide the patient with an ambulance and to take him to a hospital during the initial phases of strict lockdown in the city.

Edited by: Pranav Jalan

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