Pune: Applying for E-pass? Here are some errors you must avoid

Despite the process available online for digital passes for inter-district travel in the state, many commuters are in Pune unaware of the norms
E-pass is mandatory for inter-district travel
E-pass is mandatory for inter-district travel The Bridge Chronicle

Pune: The city police has activated its Digital Pass Cell to issue E-passes to those, who want to travel to other districts during the restrictions enforced by the state. A press release, issued by the police had stated that the Digital Pass Cell was started as per the directions of Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta.

E-pass will be issued to those who wish to travel amid the serious reasons such as death of near ones, marriage and medical emergencies. To get the e-pass, essential documents should be provided online. E-pass will be issued to those who wants to travel via flights.

The police have clearly stated that e-pass will be not be issued for business purposes. Those who wish to get E-pass for marriage should submit documents along with the marriage card. Along with bride and groom, E-passes will also be given to family members like parents and relatives, the police officials have already informed.

The city police has mentioned some of the most common errors made by people while applying for an E-pass for inter-district travel that one must avoid while applying. The police stated that they have rejected a number of e-pass applications than they have accepted ever since the system was restarted.

Despite the process available online for digital passes for inter-district travel in Maharashtra, many commuters are unaware of the norms. From past few days, many people are complaining about the clearance of the e-pass however, the police recently clarified that some people are wrongly submitting the E-pass form. Here we tell you the errors one must avoid while applying E-pass.


· Not providing identity cards of yourself or your travelling member while filing the application form

· Applicants not submitting COVID-19 Negative report along with the application (test should be no more than 72 hours old)

· Not attaching documents in a PDF format or submitting unclear, blur photographs of these documents

· Not attaching the document related to the reason for travel

· Not submitting the current address

· Not mentioning the reason for travel in the application form

· Citizens undertaking air travel not attaching a travel ticket or boarding pass to the form.


· Visit https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration

· Now, fill in the application form and provide all the details as required

· Click submit

· Once submitted. You will receive a token number

· Visit https://covid19.mhpolice.in/status

· Enter your token number

· Click submit

Meanwhile, Maharashtra government on Thursday announced that it is mandatory for those entering the state to carry RT-PCR negative test report.

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