Pune: Baramati police arrests a gang of women thieves 

Pune: Baramati police arrests a gang of women thieves 

Pune: Pune rural police arrested a gang of five women who allegedly stole garments and fabrics from a closed shop by breaking the lock of the shop. Due to coronavirus pandemic, most of the shops and outlets are closed due to lockdown, but now a but ease has been got due to unlock 2.0. But such locked shops are being targeted by burglars to gain money.

The arrested women police have identified them as Aarti Shankar Patharkar (25), Sarika Lala Bhale (30), Durga Akash Salukhe (25) and Shakila Ismail Qureshi (22) from the Amrai colony in the Baramati city. 

The Baramati city police are investigating the case. On April 12, the owner of the shop had reported an FIR with Baramati City police station which falls under the jurisdiction of Pune rural police. The Baramati city police’s crime branch was investigating the case.

“A case was filed against an unidentified burglar who had forcefully broken the lock and lifted the shutter of the basement belonging to the M/s Rajasthan Sarees situated in Mahavir Path in the Baramati. It’s a wholesale garments shop in the area. The gang had stolen clothes, fabrics and sari from such basement store of the shop. During the investigation, we got some clues of some suspects, and we zeroed down one of the female suspects Aarti who spilled the beans and confessed the crime. The stolen goods are more than 25,000 but we at present have managed to recover stolen goods worth Rs 19,160,” said a police official before adding, “We have managed to arrest four women while one is on the run. We are probing and finding their modus about how they could resale such garments back in markets. After arresting the fifth suspect in this case we will also come to know the kingpin of this gang. We are probing past such gangs of women who committed crimes or thieves committed in such a manner.”

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