Pune based engineering student invents automated hand sanitiser dispenser at affordable cost

Pune based engineering student invents automated hand sanitiser dispenser at affordable cost

Pune: When the entire world is suffering from the coronavirus outbreak and the students are not able to attend colleges, in such a situation, Pune based reputed engineering college student made the best use of her academics and made an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser machine which is affordable. She plans to give it to various organisations free of cost.

Jyoti Narasgonda Gondhali is a student of Pune based KJEIs Trinity Academy, pursuing bachelor in technology in electronics and telecommunication. She is a final year student and she decided to make the best use of the lockdown induced by the coronavirus. 

Speaking to Sakal Times she said, "My aim was to make this device with minimum cost. Hence, with the help of IR sensor and not any controller along with that, I used a mini water pump, transistor (TIP32), Resistor and power supper. This device starts working, the moment our hand is placed near to the IR sensor. When the IR sensor detects the human hand, it turns on the pump and one get the sanitiser."

She added, "This will be helpful for all and I have planned to give this for free to needy centres with my pocket money."

As it is advisable to maintain hygiene, social distancing, this thought raised a question behind touching the sanitizer bottle may spread the virus to another person. College Prof Trupti Thite and Prof M B Gulame helped the student during her final year project and with the same technology she invested time in this lockdown and could come out with a product which can serve the common man.

Head of the Department of Electronics and Tele-Communication, Prof Deepthi Kulkarni said, "Electronics engineers have a wide scope of research to be done in this pandemic. The new generation should always think of taking advantage of the situation and mould themself to procure new innovations."

Dr N J Uke, Principal of TAE said, "We always motivate students for a healthy project. The projects which they adopt are the step towards their bright placements, but for us, it gives birth to innovation, and ideas can be channelised by a blend of academic and raw material for betterment. Students are always told about the importance of final year projects so that they start their work at an early stage. Until these students think of practical execution, they shall not fly high in future. This Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer proved to change the life of humans with more automated technology indulged in it. Situation of COVID-19 is becoming worse in Pune, so students should utilize their time in such innovations and expand their horizon of ideas with the help of academics."

Dr N J Uke added, "The college also tries to reach students and cultivate innovation and boost them technically. Looking in the situation where final year students were in a dilemma about their examinations, has seen that the students are completely into studies and involved in new projects which could be of help to a common man suffering in India."

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