Pune based student topped CBSE 10th board exams in Western India with 99.6 per cent

Pune based student topped CBSE 10th board exams in Western India with 99.6 per cent

A Pune based student from Sanskriti school, Bhukum campus, has excelled in his Class X board results and has also topped in Western India by scoring 99.6 per cent.

Aadit Litake, who has managed to score 99.6% as per his aggregate, has scored 100 marks each in English, German and Mathematics. Whereas, he has scored 99 marks each in Science and Social Studies.

While the second rank holder is Pranjal Deshmukh who has got 99 per cent.

More than 50 per cent of the students have scored above 90%. No child has scored less than first Class and the batch average is 88%.

Speaking to Sakal Times, the school Director Mrs Devyani Mungali said, "Education is a multi-year journey. The outstanding performance is a testament to the partnership between the teachers, parents and students who have worked with patience and faith over several years,to enable this success"

Speaking to Sakal Times, Aadit, who is badminton player, a pianist, winner of National level music competition said, "The credit of my success goes to my parents and my school, who allowed me to balance my studies and my interests together. I am thankful to my school and teachers, they allowed me to study while ensuring that there wasn't too much pressure on me. I think while studying, playing instruments helped me a lot to reach this score. I am happy as this was my dream to score 100 marks in atleast one subject, but luckily I managed to score full marks in three subjects."

Edited by Pranav Jalan

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