Pune: Brain-dead woman’s organs give life to four

Pune: Brain-dead woman’s organs give life to four

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Pune: The 21-year-old donor was working with a pathology lab in Pune city had consented to donate her father’s organs two years ago. Continuing the tradition now her mother has agreed to help with the medical cause and donated her daughter’s multiple organs.

The heart was retrieved from a 21-year-old who was admitted to a city-based hospital after suffering a massive brain stroke amid a clot in one of the veins of the brain. She was declared dead and her relatives agreed to multi-organ donation. The heart transplant team at Sahyadri Super Specialty Hospital in Pune city, performed Pune’s first COVID-era heart transplant on a 49-year-old woman recently.

Doctors then donated heart, liver, pancreas and a kidney to patients waiting for organs at various private hospitals in Pune. The second kidney was donated to a patient at a private hospital in Nashik informed Aarti Gokhale, Coordinator, Pune Divisional Organ Transplant Coordinating Committee.

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