Pune: Check the availability of beds with just one click

Pune: Check the availability of beds with just one click

Pune: Now if you are tested positive for the novel COVID-19 and if you need to get admitted to any hospital, worry not, here’s how you can check the availability of beds in the hospital nearby your area. The district administration has come up with a real-time bed-availability dashboard display for citizens which can be accessed by all including the ambulance service providers.

The dashboard can be accessed https://www.divcommpunecovid.com/ccsbeddashboard/hsr through any device. All hospitals, administrative departments have already instructed to update the bed-availability information to this site. Here’s how to check the availability:

  • Enter district
  • Enter the area
  • Select the name of the hospital you want to get admitted
  • Choose the hospital category
  • You can also select the options such as government free, MOU free, MPJAY free, Chargeable, Show all in the Hospital charges section
  • A number of availability of beds will be shown in per cent as well as the direct number will be stated.

The dashboard service is available for patients in five districts - Pune, Sangli, Kolhapur, Satara and Solapur which fall under the jurisdiction of Pune Divisional Commissioner Office. All municipal corporation and cantonment board areas and rural areas of the district have been covered in this application.

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