Pune lockdown 4.0: Repos Energy brings fuel to your doorstep

Pune lockdown 4.0: Repos Energy brings fuel to your doorstep

Pune: Pune-based energy distribution startup, Repos Energy is set to manufacture 3,200 mobile petrol pumps and onboard over 1200 operators from across the country in the current financial year. The company recently witnessed a 20 per cent growth in sales due to the nationwide lockdown. 

As per information shared by co-founders of Repos Energy, Chetan Walunj and Aditi Bhosale Walunj, the company witnessed sales of average 6,000-7,000 litres fuel per day during the lockdown. Hospitals, residential societies and manufacturers drove the demand.

“As per statistics, the demand for diesel in India will overtake China by the year 2025 and the US by 2030. At present, India needs over a lakh of fuel stations across the country to meet the demand. However, this is not feasible due to the availability of land and the huge costs involved. There are over 55,000 fuel stations which are not sufficient.” said Chetan Walunj.

“There are many customers needing diesel generators in rural areas, agricultural sectors, hospitals and other commercial entities that cannot reach fuel stations for their requirement. Especially during these tough times, they can be provided with the fuel via door-to-door diesel delivery,” said Chetan.

Sharing the details of the expansion plan, Aditi said, “We have a fleet of 320 vehicles, out of which over 100 are fully operational and working to deliver fuel across India. Our target is to build and sell 3,200 RMPPs in one year.” adds Aditi.

What is a Repos Mobile Petrol Pump(RMP)
 It is a special-purpose machine built with the latest technology. Led by IoT which can safely, most conveniently deliver fuel to the end customers through a simple mobile application. It is integrated with cloud technology to get real-time updates. It is equipped with highly sensitive sensors called ATG to get accurate quality and quantity of diesel. Enabled with GPS and geo-fencing, this mobile petrol pump can be monitored in real-time, to ensure the utmost transparency.

The most interesting proof of the entire model is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike the stationary fuel stations or pumps that require crores of investments in terms of space, land, licenses, and workforce, the RMPPs require an investment of Rs 25 lakh, which is almost a tenth of the cost.

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