Pune lockdown: Traders not keen on shutdown amid rising COVID-19 cases

Representatives of market associations have categorically said that lockdown is not a solution in Pune
Businesses in Pune bounce back to normalcy recently
Businesses in Pune bounce back to normalcy recentlyImage source: The Bridge Chronicle

Pune: For the past few days, Pune is witnessing a sudden surge in the spread of COVID-19 infection. With cases rising in the city, the administration has hinted that there will reintroduction of micro-containment zones. However, if the state government decides to take strict steps to curtail the virus, lockdown may be reinforced in Pune along with other cities.

Pune which bore the burnt during the peak of COVID-19 spread last year has returned to normalcy from the past two months. But now, people worry that if lockdown is reinforced again, it will affect them badly. Traders which were hit badly during the COVID-19 strike are praying about no-lockdown in the city.

Representatives of several trader bodies and market associations expressed that one more lockdown will hamper their businesses. Representatives of market associations have categorically said that lockdown is not a solution to the outbreak and it is not feasible to shut all shops again during this period now.

The President of Pune Merchants Chamber, Popatlal Ostwal said, “Lockdown forces our shops to remain close resulting in the quality of stock goods starts deteriorating. Many traders have shut down their businesses. Therefore, the government should take efforts to reduce overcrowding but lockdown shouldn’t be imposed.”

Several associations of traders around the city claimed that they have incurred losses worth lakhs in the last year and the new lockdown will damage whatever is left of their business.

Mahendra Pitaliya, Secretary, Federation of Trade Associations of Pune (FTAP) said, “All shop-owners and traders are taking preventive measures to contain the further spread. They have been instructed repeatedly for the COVID-19 surge. The government should not consider the option of lockdown again.”

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