Pune man dies by suicide after losing job amid COVID-19 crisis
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Pune man dies by suicide after losing job amid COVID-19 crisis

A 29-year-old man allegedly died by suicide in Pune after losing his job due to the COVID-19 crisis

Pune: For many, losing a job not only means the loss of income but also the loss of one’s identity. A 29-year-old man allegedly died by suicide after losing his job due to the COVID-19 crisis. The incident took place in Pune’s Kondhwa area on Tuesday.

The deceased is being identified as Rushikesh Maruti Umap. His body was found hanging from a ceiling fan in the bedroom of his residence in Kondhwa area. The deceased's family members claimed he was depressed after losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deceased father is a retired government employee and his brother currently works in Bengaluru.

According to the police, Rushikesh went to sleep on Monday night and locked his door. At around 10 am on Tuesday, his family members noticed that he was not opening the door of his bedroom. After multiple efforts, they opened the door and found him hanging. As soon as the incident took place, police rushed to the spot. The police further suspect that the deceased died of suicide as he also suffered from depression. The deceased had lost his job last due to the COVID-19-induced lockdown and could not find a new one. Police Inspector Sardar Patil is probing the matter further.

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For the past few days, the world has witnessed thousands of people often reeling under depression after losing job amid COVID-19 lockdown. Mental health experts have claimed as far back as the depression that unemployment costs mental health and weakens the social fabric of society. Involuntary joblessness can cause feelings of helplessness, self-doubt and depression.

Dr Dharmendra Kendre, Consultant Psychiatrist from Noble Hospital, Pune, said, "We have emerged victorious in our battles with diseases like plague, swine flue, Spanish flu to name a few. Similarly, we will be winning in our fight against COVID-19. It is seen that many young people have started getting addicted to alcohol or smoking in recent time. Also, many are suffering from depression related issues because of lack of jobs and more."

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"It is important to remember that this is just a phase in anybody's life and this too shall pass. There is no reason that anybody should attempt suicide. Life is full of possibilities and learnings. Giving up is not an option. If anybody is feeling depressed, they should take the help of their family members by talking with them. Also, there are helpline numbers where counselling can be given. People should take the help of psychiatrist," he added.

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